What is Infographic?
Information + Graphic = Infographic
Through creative visualization,
information becomes more
attractive, easily understood
and engaging!
What is infographic?
Significant Advantages Telling a story visually makes information
easier to understand and resonate with the readers!
Digestible Resonant
Digestible Resonant
Our brain processes visuals
60,000 times faster than text,
ideas can be conveyed efficiently.
Relevant visual can
trigger emotion, and
sparks interests of the viewers.
Reference: 3M | The Agency Post
Worldwide Use of Infographic Infographics attract a lot of readers and
are being used by many
media and organizations!
Google Trends: In early 2009, infographic started a marketing trend in USA. Now it is getting more and more attention from Asian markets!
Reference: Google Trends Data
Successful Results Together with social media marketing,
infographics are the
latest marketing tools.
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Engaging Shareable
Engaging Shareable
Publishers who use
infographics grow in traffic
an average of
more than those that do not!
Infographics are 30X
more likely to be read and
shared than text!
Reference: Customer Magnetism
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