Interactive Game – Biodiversity in South Australia
Client: Ocean Park Hong Kong
Services: Content Strategy, Game Design, Character Design, Scene Design, Animal Illustration, Interactive Game, iPad Controller
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
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“Adventures in Australia”, the first attraction themed on South Australian Outback, offers visitors a visual and full sensory encounter with the iconic animals from Australia – koalas, wallabies, and kookaburras.

We have designed and produced two sets of trilingual interactive games for the Attraction – LOHAS Games and Biodiversity Games.

This following sections present the Biodiversity Games we’ve created, which unfolds the natural landscapes and rich biodiversity of South Australia.

Biodiversity Games in Adventures in Australia
Game Aims

The game presents 9 iconic animals in South Australia. Through playing the games, the players will learn more about the natural habitat the animals are living in , the threats they are facing, and how humans could help by conserving and protecting the environment.

Biodiversity Games Habitat
Strategy Content Strategy
To introduce the rich biodiversity and dynamic ecosystems in South Australia, the interactive games are designed to have players role-played as a backpacker travelling around South Australia to learn about the native marsupials and endangered species.
Relevance & Attractiveness

The biggest challenge in designing the game is to make the conservation and animal messages relevant to the players and turn them into different interesting and engaging games.

We’ve created and produced an interactive game for each of the four major habitat zones in South Australia. Each game depicts the animals and the landscape of their habitats, players can gradually understand the threats to the animals and how human can live in harmony with them through playing the games.

Biodiversity Game Concept
Biodiversity Games - iPad as controller
Advanced Technology

The games operate on a computer connected with a 55” TV and use iPad as game controller to achieve better multi-touch gestures and interactions in the games.

To allow two players enjoy the adventurous journey together, which also fulfills the operational needs of Ocean Park, two iPads are installed to share and control the left/right half of the TV screen.

Achievement and Sharing

Ocean Park requests high standard in having the features of the animals and their habitats carefully and accurately illustrated.

We’ve worked very closely with Ocean Park and their experts to depict the animals and the landscapes in a way that is realistic yet appealing enough to play with.

Certificate of Achievement
Game Concept
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    Game 1: Maze
Benefits Campaign Benefits
For Ocean Park
Establish professional brand image
Benefits for Ocean Park
Given the limitations (e.g. space, facility) in displaying information in the Attraction, the games offers the players more in-depth knowledge about the animals in South Australia.
Players gradually understand the conservation messages through the fun and interesting experience in the games, and thus they can better recall the information afterwards.
To enhance the professional image of Ocean Park, all the scenes and animals are diligently illustrated and created with special attentions to the specific features of the real-life environment and species.
For Visitors
Learn through adventurous experience
Benefits for Visitors
The “Backpacker’s Adventure” themed games turn the conservation and animal messages into an engaging and fun journey.
Two iPads are configured and installed to control the games, which is a fairly new technology and allows more interaction between players and better gaming experience.
Plentiful of content and four different types of game play make the whole gaming experience interesting and exciting.
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