Ocean Park: Exhibit Walk Booklet
Client: Ocean Park Hong Kong
Services: Graphic Design, Illustration, Mini-game, Stamps, Publications, Publishing, Recycled Paper, FSC Printing, Soy Ink, Eco-Friendly Production
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
Aims Aims
Ocean Park offers “Exhibit Walk” tour for students in kindergartens and schools. Ocean Park’s educational team will lead the tour, show the students around the Park, and teach them about animal conservation.
Two booklets – “Land and Sea Excursion” and “Backpacker Journey” – are designed and published for two different routes of the tour. The children will follow the instructions to explore different parts of the Park, and play the mini-games presented in the booklets to get stamps and learn about the animals.
Land and Sea Excursion Booklet
Land and Sea Excursion Booklet
Backpacker Journey Booklet Mini-game in Booklet
Backpacker Journey Booklet
Strategy Features in Booklet
Besides illustrating information about the animals, there are also a few mini-games, like photo-hunt and puzzles for the students to solve in order to get a stamp for each stop of the tour.
Stamp Collection Engagement
We’ve created 5 stamps in total for the “Exhibit Walk” tour.
4 stamps’ design is based on the featured animals, and these stamps are placed in 4 different museums. The students have to collect the stamps at each museum and finish all tasks in the booklet in order to get the final stamp of the tour — “Exhibit Walk” Stamp.
This stamp collection approach can motivate the students get more involved in the tour .
Ocean Park Animal Stamp
Ocean Park Exhibit Walk Stamp