Interactive Game – Practice LOHAS in Everyday Life
Client: Ocean Park Hong Kong
Services: Content Strategy, Game Design, Touch-screen Game, Scene Design, Interactive Game, Face Capturing, QR Code, Real-time Certificate, Illustration
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
Introduction Game Introduction Find out more about Biodiversity Games
“Adventures in Australia”, the first attraction themed on South Australian Outback, offers visitors a visual and full sensory encounter with the iconic animals from Australia – koalas, wallabies, and kookaburras.

We have designed and produced two sets of trilingual interactive games for the Attraction – LOHAS Games and Biodiversity Games.

This following sections present the LOHAS Games we’ve created, which teaches the players how to practice LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) in everyday life.

Lohas Games in Adventures in Australia
Game Aims

Through interacting within the games on a 55” touch-screen TV, the players can learn various everyday tips and tricks and will be inspired to contribute to the sustainable future of the planet by adopting LOHAS.

Strategy Content Strategy
Individual and Team Challenges

To fulfill the operational needs of the Park, the game is designed to target both adults and families with kids. Players can choose to take on the challenges on their own or form a two-member team. Parents can teach their kids how to preserve our environment while having fun playing the game.

Photo taking
LOHAS Game Play
Personalized Experience

The game operates on a computer connected with a webcam and a 55” touch-screen TV mounted on the exhibition wall in the Attraction. Before challenges begin, game instructs the players to take a photo of themselves with the webcam. The game then automatically superimposes player’s face on the game character. This adds a personal touch to the game and better engages the players to pay attention to the game messages.

Relevant Scenarios

We have designed three challenges around our everyday scenarios to test the players’ knowledge in LOHAS best practices:

1) Make low-carbon food choices when shopping for groceries
2) Clean with
natural detergent in the kitchen, and
Save more water in the bathroom.

Players make the decisions in each situation as the game character by interacting on the touch-screen TV. By the end of each challenge, players can learn some simple and easy tips in practicing LOHAS in their daily life.

Achievement and Sharing

After the game finishes, all players are awarded a personalized certificate with their picture added on. Players only have to input their name, then they can obtain the certificate real-time through scanning a QR code with their mobile phone. The players can save the certificate to their phone and share it on social network to show others their achievement.

Certificate of Achievement
Benefits Campaign Benefits
For Ocean Park
Build educational and entertaining image
Benefits for Ocean Park
Ocean Park focuses on bringing educational and entertaining experience to visitors, our games are based on real-life situations which are fun to learn and play with.
Messages are incorporated into 3 daily-life scenarios so that players can understand how they easily can practise LOHAS.
Players’ engagement is enhanced as they can download their personalised certificate via scanning a QR code and share on social networks.
For Visitors
Obtain practical LOHAS tips in a fun way
Benefits for Visitors
Player’s face are mapped onto the game character to make the games more engaging and personal.
Cooperative game play makes players to discuss and interact with each other while making decisions in the game. This helps players better recall the LOHAS tips.
After being awarded a certificate, players will get a sense of achievement which encourages them practice LOHAS in their daily life.
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