Conservation Day Event Identity
Promotional Materials
Client: Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
Services: Infographic Design, Illustration, Display, Roadshow, Identity, Logo, Souvenir, Props, Banner
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Identity
Aims Campaign Aims
Increase awareness and exposure of the Conservation Day of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
Educate and encourage public to turn their love into actions and protect the wildlife
simple and clear conservation message with interesting design
Strategy Content Strategy
Logo Souvenir Roadshow
The logo is designed to represent the Conservation Day, an annual event of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation. This is the first logo ever for this event, and it can be tweaked with a new theme and used for future Conservation Day An infographic with 3 simple conservational messages to protect chinese white dolphin, seahorse, and horseshoe crab are illustrated on a souvenir fan. This has given much more meaning to a regular, branded, recycled plastic fan Attractive graphics are often good attention grabbers. A series of promotional materials such as banner, photo-taking props, and game instructure board, were designed and produced for OPCF to set up a booth in Mong Kok, HK to celebrate International Biodiversity Day, which is a great successful event