Honorable Mention – End Impunity Infographic
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
Infographic: Raising Awareness to End Impunity
Client: United Nations – UNESCO
Services: Content Strategy, Infographic Design, Illustration
United Nations - UNESCO
Aims Aims
One journalist is killed a week on average for doing their job of bringing news and information to the public. Many more suffer other kinds of attacks, threats, and harassments, including imprisonment.

2014 is the first year for the UN’s International Day to End Impunity. This award-winning infographic aims to raise global awareness of impunity, and make this grim topic shareable while still communicating the seriousness of the issue.

This issue of impunity is discussed through a visual story, which provides a strong visual impact to the readers. This infographic has been translated into various languages.

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UNESCO: Raising Awareness to End Impunity Motion Graphics
In the past decade, on average one journalist is killed for reporting the news and bringing information to the public every week. In nine out of ten cases the killers go unpunished. UNESCO would like to raise public awareness about ending Impunity for crimes against Journalists. This motion graphics will give us an overview of impunity.
Strategy Content Strategy
The data from UNESCO was reorganised into 4 major parts, and was illustrated and incorporated as evidences found in the crime scene. The readers become the investigators who examine the evidences and gradually learn about the issue of impunity.

To facilitate the discussion on impunity, 3 characters are illustrated to tell the visual story:

1) Dead journalist: as a key visual of the infographic to bring out the data of impunity and build up strong visual impact
2) Shivering witness: a fellow journalist standing outside the crime scene, feeling scared and shocked to imply the impact to freedom of expression
3) Shadow of killer: walking away from crime scene at the top right corner, the shoe print and the ripped crime scene tape imply that the killer has fled the crime scene

At last, the quote by the Director-General of UNESCO serves to round up the impact of impunity to everyone in the world.

Creative Process Creative Process
In order to create an excellent work efficiently, both clients and our team have to work closely together at all stages.
This Ending Impunity infographic serves as a great example of our creative process.
Stage 1: Scope and Content
To kick off the project and set its scope, client should provide all research, information or other data that would like to be included in the infographic. While our team is reviewing the content, client should also determine the followings:
Objectives: purpose of the infographic – branding, marketing, explaining complex concept/info, training, etc.
Timeline and distributions: deadline and other milestones? print / web / mobile / presentation PPT / social media
Dimensions and orientations: portrait or landscape? any specific dimensions or constraints?
Graphic style or color scheme: any corporate styling guidelines, preferred style, or any infographic you like from us or others
Stage 2: Creative and Sketch
Before we move on to graphic design, our team will develop and share a creative draft of the infographic which outlines the content structure and information included in the graphic. All changes to content and its structure should be made at this stage; or else, changes made while design is in progress would disrupt the project schedule and increase its scope.
Stage 3: Design and Final Delivery
Our design services include two revisions. Timely feedback at different phases of design will help keep project running smoothly.
Creative and Sketch 1st and 2nd Draft Final
Cou4 Creative Processs
Sketch is to present the layout and graphic elements. At this stage, client should feedback on the layout, graphic elements, and information hierarchy. Once content structure is confirmed, we will move on to the 1st draft. For the 1st draft, client should address display of information and any major changes to copy or data.
As for the
2nd draft, client should provide final feedback on any copy changes and minor tweaks. Charges may apply for additional revisions.
Upon final approval, we will deliver the final file in format of JPG for static infographic. Additional fee is needed for the provision of source files or other file formats.
In general, it takes around 3 to 4 weeks to create a single static infographic.
If you are looking for an unique and appealing infographic, just contact us to learn more about our services.
Media Coverage Media Coverage
UNESCO press release Our infographic has been selected to elaborate the high rate of impunity for crimes against journals in a news article by UNESCO. The article reports that a strong consensus on the safety of journalists has been reached at the IPCD Council that killing of journalists is unacceptable and affects us all and everything should do their best to fight against impunity for crimes against journalists.

This infographic and related articles have been used in press releases, presentations, and publications to attract the journalists and media to report on the issue and embed or reprint the infographic.

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