Campaign Site: “Run for Survival” Charity Run
Client: Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong
Services: Content Strategy, Website, UI, UX, Graphic Design, Character Design, Motion Graphics, Interactive, Parallax Scrolling, Illustration
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
OPCF Parallax Website Desktop Tablet Mobile Screen
Aims Campaign Introduction
In celebration of its 20th anniversary and as a fundraising event for its Asian wildlife conservation efforts, OPCF turns the popular zombie run into an adventure for participants to experience the marine ecosystem as “Marine Animal” and “Conservationist”.

Marine Animal: Complete the Charity Run as soon as possible while avoiding attacks of the “Ocean Killers” (OPCF staff acts as Ocean Killers who steal the two life flags of a “Marine Animal”)
Conservationist: Protect “Marine Animal” throughout the Charity Run by snatching the arm badges of “Ocean Killers”, which will temporarily stop their movements
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Site showcase
Campaign Aims
As the only source of information about the charity run, we have built the bilingual parallax scrolling microsite and developed its content strategy with aims to
Introduce the game logic of the Charity Run to the participants
Encourage public to register
Provide conservation knowledge for visitors which also serves as a part of the game
(Content on the microsite provides tips about how to finish the Charity Run faster)
OPCF Theme
Strategy Content Strategy
We have created the content and visuals along the Charity Run theme.

The graphics and interactions on the website simulate the charity run route, which allow visitors to gradually understand the details of the event, roles of participation, and conservation knowledge.

The information about the Charity Run – Run for Survival – are divided into the following sections on the website.
1. Landing section: Introducing the event background information and 2 roles to select
2. Marine Animal: Introducing the missions of “Marine Animal” and tips to complete the Charity Run
3. Five Threatened Marine Species: Conservation information and overview of local marine animals
4. Conservationist: Introducing the missions of “Conservationist” and tips to complete the Charity Run
5. Marine Conservation Tips: Conservation tips to protect local marine animals
6. Event Details: Participation categories, requirements, and prizes
7. Three Major Marine Issues and Solutions: Takeaway messages to remind visitors about local marine issues
OPCF Theme
Features Website Features
Visual Design Parallax Scrolling and Animations
Graphic design animations
Illustrations: help visualize the event (as no past event photo)
Theme: charity run route as the scene to simulate the event and guide the visitors to get to know the event
Sticky menu: quickly jump to other sections and always-visible “Register Now” button
Use of bright colors: more eye-catching and attractive
Clear and prominent buttons: encourage to take action
Parallax Scrolling: information appears one by one while the readers scroll down the website. This could help readers gradually take in the information
Interactions: information that needs to be clicked to reveal can help readers better recall the information
Animations: animated scene, dolphin, characters to make the website more interesting and fun to browse
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