SIE Fund – Achievement Hightlights Motion Graphics and Infographic Factsheet
Client: SIE Fund (Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund) under Commission on Poverty of HKSAR Government
Services: Infographic, Leaflet, Factsheet, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Animations, Infographic Video, Explainer Video
SIE Fund Commission on Poverty logo
Aims Aims
With the objective to further nurture social entrepreneurship and innovation in Hong Kong, the SIE Fund aims to stimulate cross-sector collaboration, sharing learning and experience, guiding resources to groom and coach entrepreneurs, incubating and implementing new ideas, with the expectation that some of these will lead to new, sustainable businesses that help tackle poverty and social exclusion in the community.
On 10 October, 2015, SIE Fund as part of the Task Force gave an account of its work progress in the Commission on Poverty Submit. An infographic leaflet and a motion graphics video were created to summarize the Fund’s development in the previous year and introduce its goals in the forthcoming year.
SIE Fund Presentation in Commission on Poverty Summit
Strategy Content Strategy
Idea & Theme Visualization
The SIE Fund is represented as a catalyst to foster social innovation, and encourage the development of social entrepreneurs. Various efforts and projects that SIE Fund has engaged are illustrated in a laboratory environment.
Impressed with Prints and Motions
Along with the “lab” theme, both the motion graphics video and the infographic factsheet are delivered to the audiences who are familiar with the social entrepreneurship issues.
SIE Fund Content Strategy
SIE Fund Achievement Infographic Factsheet Leaflet
This Achievement Infographic Factsheet Leaflet was distributed at the Commission on Poverty Submit. We illustrated some key highlights of SIE Fund’s achievement in 2015 and provided some more details in text for the attendees to look into.
SIE Fund Achievement Factsheet Infographic
SIE Fund Achievement Presentation Motion Graphics
Together with animations, sound effects, and voice over, the motion graphics showcase the efforts and achievements of SIE Fund in 2015. It was also uploaded to SIE Fund’s Youtube Channel as a feature video.
Creative Process Creative Process
We are spending more and more time watching video content online. By 2018, 79% of consumer internet traffic will be taken up by videos.^ It is crucial for marketers to create and publish video content to reach these consumers.

Motion graphics can present your messages with text, animation, and audio. Animated videos and motion graphics have been used for brand promotion, cause advocacy, product/service introduction. It is an excellent media to explain complex ideas or concepts, such as service flow, product benefits, tutorials.

Here is an overview of our creative process of motion graphics.

^ Reference: HighQ
Stage 1: Concept and Ideas
We take understanding your target audience as the first step to tailor the key takeaway idea, supporting points, and most importantly the call to action. Take product/service introductory video as an example, the structure of the story would be about demonstrating how your product or service is the best solution to the viewer’s problem.
Stage 2: Tone, Mood, and Style
Next is to determine the tone and manner of how the story is being told, the colour palette to set the mood, the graphic style to use in the animations. Clients can send video references to us or let us to create the art direction for your brand and purposes of the video.
Stage 3: Copywriting and Scriptwriting
We will then create the outline of the story, which will later be completed with visuals, voiceover, sound effects, and music. We suggest the length of a video to be the shorter the better. It’s best to avoid telling too much too quickly in a video. Reading the script at a moderate pace will help you get a sense of how long the video will be.
Stage 4: Storyboard and Design
The key moments of the story will be illustrated with visuals and sketches together with the narrations, and description of the scenes, actions of the characters, on-screen text, and sounds. Upon confirmation, we will move on to create more detailed, coloured keyframes to finalise all graphical elements which will be used in the animations. This will ensure everyone has a really good idea of what’s to come.
SIE Fund Achievement Factsheet Infographic
Stage 5: Sound (VO, Sound Effects, Music)
Depending on the purpose of the video, it could be as straightforward as having a piece of background music. Or we could make the animated characters talking in different voices, sound effects to complement their actions, and tailor-made music. For voice over, a few recommended talents will be suggested to you for the specific needs of your video.
Stage 6: Animations
At the beginning, a rough draft of a few keyframes will be animated for feedback before a larger amount of animation work begins. This is a good way to minimise the time spent on revisions. With feedback from clients, full animation work will be completed scene by scene. Clients will see a full draft of the animation including voice over to make minor changes. To complete the project, the final steps would be timing adjustments, adding voice over, subtitles, sound effects, and music.
In general, it takes around 8 weeks to produce a motion graphics video.
If you have any plan in mind or interested in knowing more about our services, please feel free to contact us.
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