Sleepy Monster Game
Services: Game Design, Interactive Design, Illustration, iOS, Android, Tablet, Mobile, App, Mini-game, Online Game, Facebook Game
Aims Game Aims
We create this mini-game to complement a new product launch.
Through the game design and game play, consumers can get to know more about the
product features and benefits.
And the scoring system could also be used to award consumers with incentives.
Sleepy Monster Game Intro
Strategy Game Concept
Feeling drowsy all day? Sleepy Monsters are here to drain your energy!
It’s time to regain your productivity by defeating them!
How to play:
Throw Minty Dart to the Sleepy Monsters to fight them off within time limit.
Bonus: Blueberry Bomb will appear randomly to give your Minty Dart a power boost – Throw Minty Dart to Blueberry Bomb to beat off multiple Sleepy Monsters at the same time!
Sleepy Monster Game Flow